Photo Tips to Help You Take the Best Vacation Pictures

photography tips

Living at our luxurious Reserve at Lenox Park apartment community is certainly a treat. However, with summer in full swing, you might want to go on vacation this season. When you do, you will no doubt want to capture some amazing photos to help you remember your trip for all time. If you aren't the best at getting quality photos, however, you might want to … [Read more...]

Get Some Exercise This Summer With Atlanta Group Rides

group bike rides in atlanta

There are a lot of things to do in Atlanta that are situated quite near to our luxurious Reserve at Lenox Park apartment community. Many of these activities are ideal for the summer, which means you should get out there and partake at your earliest convenience. If you are interested in getting in some exercise and enjoying the beautiful weather, consider … [Read more...]

Get a Healthy Snack at YogurBerry

frozen yogurt in atlanta

If you are a health-conscious person, you might want to consider eating healthier snacks. There is a fantastic option in frozen yogurt, and you can find great yogurt places in Atlanta that are very close to our Reserve at Lenox Park apartment community. However, without a doubt, the most popular has got to be YogurBerry. YogurBerry is not your … [Read more...]

The Best Room Fans to Keep You Cool

best indoor fans

You will certainly want to stay cool this summer at home at our Reserve at Lenox Park apartment community. However, you will probably also want to avoid constantly using your air conditioner to save both energy and money. To that end, you might want to use fans to stay cool. Consider finding the best room fans for the money. If you need a fan for a … [Read more...]

See What’s On Display at the High Museum of Art


There are plenty of things to do in Atlanta, and many of them are just minutes away from our Reserve at Lenox Park apartment community. If you can appreciate the finest of art, you can enjoy a wonderful day filled with culture by paying a visit to the High Museum of Art. The High Museum of Art offers plenty of reason why you should visit. It is home … [Read more...]

Apartment Living Tips: Take Your Mondays Off

Have a happier Monday

If you're looking for ways to help yourself ease into the week, consider taking it easy on Mondays. Mondays are often the most hectic and intimidating day of the week. At The Reserve at Lenox Park, you might benefit from taking off some of the pressure on Mondays to render the day less intimidating. How can you take it easy on Mondays? Of course, … [Read more...]

Take Your Bike Up On the Atlanta Beltline

Atlanta BeltLine

Stay active this summer by taking advantage of the many opportunities for enjoying the outdoors in and around Atlanta. Those living at The Reserve at Lenox Park can consider biking on the Atlanta Beltline if they'd like to get some exercise while touring some of their city. The Atlanta Beltline can be explored either by foot or by bicycle. The … [Read more...]

Looking for an Easy Day Trip? Visit Arabia Mountain

arabia mountain in lithonia ga

Those planning out day trips near Atlanta for the coming months should know about the recreational offerings of Arabia Mountain. This National Heritage area is located about 40 minutes to the southeast of our apartment community the The Reserve at Lenox Park. Arabia Mountain offers visitors opportunities for biking, hiking, and learning about the … [Read more...]

Learn to Dance at the Ballroom Dance Club of Atlanta

Ballroom dancing lessons in atlanta

You can enjoy plenty of fun activities that you can participate in that are located very close to our Reserve at Lenox Park apartment community. Ballroom dancing will allow you to get in shape, make great new friends, and learn a wonderful and graceful skill. If this is something you are interested in trying, consider enrolling in ballroom dance classes in … [Read more...]

Looking for Some Chic Pieces for Your Home? Try These From Matter Made

discus lights from matter made

Our luxurious Reserve at Lenox Park apartment community is the perfect new home if you are looking to move. If you are looking to personalize your new place with a few lovely, chic pieces, you don't even have to spend an arm and a leg. You can incorporate some great items from Matter Made into your apartment design project. Here are a couple of great … [Read more...]